Lose your dog?


Losing your dog is a scary situation. Lucky for you here at lostdogsandiego we can help you find him/her.



The first thing to do is to check our website every day. San Diego people can post found dogs and the local shelters will also post new found dogs. Also, the local shelters are overworked and may not have had time to upload a photo yet, so drive down to the local shelter and looks through the cages yourself.



Post flyers all over your area within a 2 mile radius.  Tell everyone you know that your dog is missing. From the local pet store to the veterinarians in the area to all of your neighbors. Someone has seen your dog walking or running. Be sure to let everyone know.



Also check out our facebook page, there are a lot of people who watch the pages and try to link lost and found dogs together. If you have posted you phone number on the website they will contact you.



During the month of November temperatures can vary, this week we have sunny skies and warm nights. Your dog will probably be comfortable at night and return home for dinner. If not, maybe they went into a neighbors house. Sometimes neighbors find dogs and keep them until they see a flyer or hear someone calling out their dog. Drive up and down your street calling their name and maybe squeaking their favorite toy.



Be sure to have a current photo of your dog, this will help you with creating a flyer and showing what your dog looks like to people. A pictur52148_127168824005164_2696857_o.jpge is worth a thousand words!



Small female black chihuahua with white spot on her back paw is a good start, but a photo says much more.