Lost Pet Checklist

1.      Download the flyer and fill in as much information as possible. (Keep flyers current with a recent picture. People are visual and need the picture).


2.      Post flyers on high-traffic streets, grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, gas stations and drugstores .


3.      Place flyers at schools…many times lost pets gravitate to schools.


4.      Give flyers to Postal people, UPS and Fed Ex Drivers and other delivery people in your neighborhood since they are constantly driving around your area. They might reluctant to take the flyer, but at least show them the picture and make them aware your pet in missing. The more people looking for your dog the more likely you are to be reunited.

5.      Scan our FOUND page daily as it lists all the current dogs in the San Diego shelter.


6.      Also drive to the local shelters DAILY. Many do not have the staffing to check to see if your pet is there. Don't rely on overworked shelter workers when your pets life may be at stake. Your dog might there and it takes a few days to get the pets’ photo online.


7.      Did we mention to post flyers? POST FLYERS!! The more people looking for your dog the more likely you are to be reunited.

8.      Place an ad on Craigslist, this is a popular site that many people use. Some people aren't familiar with computers so post an ad in the Classified section of your local newspaper, this is a free service for lost animals.


9.      Send an email to neighbors and friends and ask them to pass it on. Also, ask if they will take a flyer and pass it on.


10.  Make as many people as possible aware of your situation.


11. We have a facebook page and post dogs on it regularly. This is another great way to have your dog get the exposure it needs.


We never charge for our services here at Lost Dog San Diego, and we welcome all donations. We share 30% of our donations with the local SPCA