Let's get started....

Download the flyer and fill in as much information as possible. 
Make sure to use the most recent picture.
People are visual and need the picture.

Call Animal control, the Humane Society, local veterinary clinics and petstores in your area to see if a pet has been reported found, or injured.

Check your local shelters DAILY. Many do not have the staffing to check to see if your pet is there. They often take longer than a day to take your dog's picture and upload it to their website. Your dog could be waiting there for you without a way to contact you.
Don't rely on overworked shelter workers when your pets life may be at stake.

After a certain amount of time if a dog is not claimed it goes up for adoption. Don't let this happen to your dog. Check the shelters again and again.

Make flyers with the pet’s picture to post in your area. Post this flyer on high-traffic streets, grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, gas stations and drugstores. Place flyers at Schools too…many times lost pets gravitate to schools. (If your pet needs medication list that on the flyer too).

Give flyers to the mail-carrier, UPS and Fed Ex Drivers and other delivery people in your area since they are constantly driving around your area. The more people looking for your dog they better!!

Place an ad on Craigslist, the Classified section of your local newspaper, online and in print. The more people that you talk to the better chance of finding your dog.

Send an email to neighbors and friends and ask them to pass it on. Let them know that your dog is lost. Maybe they saw something.

By using, flyers are automatically filled out after you have registered your dog. Another option is creating  flyers using Microsoft Word.


We never charge for our services here at Lost Dog San Diego, and we welcome all donations. We share 30% of our donations with the local SPCA