Dogs get lost every day for many different reasons. Three are several reasons why, here are a few.

Some like to go explore when the opportunity arrives. Maybe a gate was left open or a car window. There are dozens of different scenarios. Once this opportunistic canine decides to explore, their nose can can take the miles very quickly.

Another scenario is dogs become lost because they are looking for a mate and simply cannot help theme selves. This is easily preventable by neutering or spaying your dog and sadly is responsible for the displacement of many dogs and a major contributing factor to the stray populations in our shelters.

Another situation that happens is that the dog is afraid and running without any sense. People want to help, and instead end up scaring the dog even more. This situation is the hardest because the dog is so afraid it is more likely to be hurt by cars or other large moving objects. some dogs are naturally skid dish and fearful and others can become panicked by loud noises or unusual situations.

If your dog becomes lost, hopefully you have already had it micro chipped and have a current photo to make a flyer with. Unfortunately, Statistics show that less than 16% of lost dogs are returned to their rightful owners.