Happy Mother’s Day to all the doggie mommies, including me!

Enjoy the time spent with your dogs, try to cherish every moment. I have a 13 year old boxer named "Wallace", he is deaf and definitely getting on in his years. He has been with me through my 30’s and then again through my 40’s; significant years for me but not for him.  Really all he desires is to be with me and hopefully go for walks.

Today is 5/8/2011, Mother’s Day. I took him for our usual walk, and he decided spontaneously to change our route, longer and farther than usual. I have responsibilities to fulfill, places to be people to see! I also had my entire family in the car waiting to go to perform our mother’s day duties. I was torn, I needed to get home and continue the day’s events. You know, Mothers in law, mothers, and all the details that fill our days. On the other hand, I had Wallace. So instead of inhibiting Wallace, I followed him. We walked, an extra 6 minutes out of my day in 2011.

As I sit tonight reflecting on my day, the kisses from my kids, the hugs from my moms, I also think how I affected those around me. And I am grateful for my family and also Wallace. He was happy with the extra 6 minutes, if I had been able to have given him 60 he would be just as happy, but all I had was 6. I love him and I am grateful for him and the way he makes me a better person. I hope that you were able to have an experience with you dog today that made you fulfilled and grateful and fulfilled.

Hug your dog, but above all walk your dog and be grateful for the love that surrounds you.


Follow your heart, and