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Area: San Diego

Date Lost: September 01, 2017

Dog Type: Chihuahua

Dog Gender: Female

Dog Color: Tan

Dog Markings: Bad teeth, mole on inner left thigh and ear, tiny white marks on back of neck

Other Notes and Information: Responds to Butterz, tan very soft short hair applehead chihuahua. She is 9 yrs old and Has a major case of periodontal disease and needs medication antibiotics and her teeth brushed regularly. She was lost on the corner of Island and Dodson St in 92102 but was last seen on Market St/30th by Pizza Hut and the laundry mat. She is not wearing a collar because she just got a bath and is only an indoor dog. She also has a strict diet and altering it could mean diarrhea, since she's old she also has some stomach issues. I am struggling with vet bills and medication. I can't afford a reward but I would really love my best friend back and I hope reuniting my baby back with me so she can get the care she needs is enough of a reward for you.

Lost By Corina

Phone Number:6196061242

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