Lost CHOW CHOW named Rachael. She is 4 years old and very skittish. She runs away when approached and has been seen lately near Eastgate mall.
**Fearful. Jumps/startles easily i.e. leaves crunching, water sprinklers.
Will run away immediately when scared.
* Picky-does not like treats/toys
* Clean-jumps over puddles
*Does not dig/chew
*Doubt would go down a canyon (hates to go down stairs)
*Always makes slurping noises/snores
*Loves to run outside
*Active late night
A search has been organized for this Sunday, the 10th at 10:00am at UTC area of La Jolla.
Call us at 858 333 1717 to RSVP and receive directions on where to meet.
Please help if you can. The more people the better.