Is your little cutie causing trouble while you are away at work? Is she going through the trash, barking incessantly or chewing up your shoes?

Is she a bad dog?

No! Of course she is not a bad dog, she is bored dog. She is smart and lonely, she is looking for something to do. You go to work, or out of the house and she has to sit around and wait for your return. This can make some dogs anxious and therefore they chew to soothe themselves. Some dogs sleep, but they can only sleep for so long, then she wakes up refreshed and ready to have fun!! Dogs sleep 80% of the time according to the veterinarians on PetAdvior. (

Some simple steps that you can do today to help you dog tomorrow are to first walk her! A tired dog is a good dog. This will take the edge off for them while you are gone, and they are more apt to sleep while you are away. Second, get a treat and only give it to them when you are going. About 15 minutes before you go give them the treat, that way leaving is not associated with the treat and they still have it while you are gone. A good treat that I like is a Kong. I can put peanut butter inside with some freeze dried liver treats put in the freezer and that way it is ready when I a leaving.

Third, it is easier to prevent a bad habit than breaking it so pick up your shoes and put them away. Keep the garbage closed and out of reach, and leave a few treats behind for her to enjoy when she waked up refreshed from her nap.

Lastly, when you return home be as unemotional as you can, go inside and go about your business. This will also help them not to be too anxious anticipating your return. You can be loving and kind to your dog, but don't be overly excited and loud, this is likely to cause anxiety problems in the future.

Good luck and enjoy your dog!!