One of the first behaviors you should teach your new pet is to "Come". This is an invaluable command and might help tp save your pets life one day.

There are a few different ways to teach this simple command.

According to the ASPCA, you need to have reasonable expectations and make the new command fun. When the dog does come or even look at you (in the beginning) praise them. I like to use a long leash and wait for the dog to stray awy on a walk, once they are immeresed in the smells and have forgotten about me, I will say the dogs name and "Come". Then I start pulling gently on the leash. It is not a request, but rather a reaction. I want them to walk to me after they hear the command. After a few times, they usually get the idea. All dogs are different and some smarter than others so the progress is varied depending on the dog and the day.

Another way I like to ingrain this command is to have a treat of some sort and call the dog while they are sleeping or relaxing in another room. When they come, they get the treat. This game helps to reinforce the desired reaction and it is a fun reward for the dog.

The goal is to have the dog come, but also want to come and enjoy coming to you. Building a relationship is inportant and having the reation to the word come might save their life someday. Good luck and have fun!!