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Area: San Diego

Date Lost: July 05, 2020

Dog Type: Poodle?Chihuahua Mix

Dog Gender: Female

Dog Color: White

Dog Markings: Large patch of Fur missing from Forehead

Other Notes and Information: She is a chihuahua poodle mix. She might respond to her name, Imaru (E-mah-rue). She might run away if you try to catch her, she is a barker. She will not bite. She does not currently have orange tips, they are more of a brown because of fading. She currently has a patch of hair missing on her forehead, with skin exposed, and is extremely noticeable. She recently went to the veterinarian, she is not sick, however, it is not completely healed. She is an emotional support dog for a disabled veteran. Please call us for any sightings or if you have found her. ANY INFORMATION HELPS. CONTACT US AT 6198661711 or 6198667007

Lost By Emi

Phone Number:6198661711

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