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Date Lost: December 01, 2019

Dog Type: Shitzu/ Biscon Mix

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: White

Dog Markings: Happy dog, wore a sweater with fox print last seen

Other Notes and Information: We went to Cleveland National Park today with our family to go sledding and our Shiloah got lose and ran off. We tried looking for him but couldn’t find him. We were up in the open area where you can go sledding about 4-6 miles south from Laguna Mountain Lodge store/ visitor center. He’s Shitzu/bischon Mix, White, not fix and is a great family dog! I’ve called the shelter, ranger and anyone that I can think of, no luck! We been looking for 2hrs now and somebody mention they saw an Asian family put it in their car (wagon/ suv) since they didn’t find the owner. I’m praying he could be found. Please call me 619-471-7711 or message me if you know or see this dog!! I live in La Mesa. Thank you!!

Lost By Sandy

Phone Number:6194717711

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