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Date Lost: May 30, 2019

Dog Type: Black German Shepard cross

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: Black with tan

Dog Markings: No lazy ears hers are straight up with tan around her jaw , she was last seen with a hot pick collar not she’s not fixed either

Other Notes and Information: She’s about2 years old and very friendly and lovable she also obeys really well when she’s told to do something unfortunately I wasn’t there when she went exploring , she’s been missing about 3 am May 31st, we really looked everywhere for her including dead animal reports , so she has to be somewhere, we think someone has her possibly took her if you have any info or have noticed someone with a new Shepard in the Clairemont area please let us know, she is very much loved and missed thank you

Lost By Ricky

Phone Number:858 336 7313

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