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Wiley - he is microchipped!

Date Lost: December 29, 2018

Dog Type: Shih Tzu Maltese Mix

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: Black and White like an Oreo

Dog Markings: He snorts like a pig - a lot!

Other Notes and Information: Lost Neutered Male (Wiley). He is a 13 lb Black & White Shih Tzu/Maltese Mix. He looks like an Oreo with his all white legs and feet, mostly black on his back. Eyes are black and he has a white beard and white tuft on his forehead. He snorts like a pig (seriously...he snorts a lot due to breathing problem and needs prescription eye meds ). He has a Microchip (Home again). Neighbors reported that someone in a red sportscar found Wiley at Japatul Valley Road and Vista Esperanza (3.5 Miles south of exit 40 on I-8 - same road that goes to Julian). Good Samaritan was driving north to Julian with friends and found Wiley on the road and stayed back to go door to door to look for Wiley's home. Please help! Thank you!

Lost By Kelli

Phone Number:602.295.2767

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