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Area: San Diego

Date Lost: April 05, 2018

Dog Type: red Weaten SCottish Terrier X

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: reddish brindle white

Dog Markings: red ers & tais

Other Notes and Information: LOST: Call ASAP 713-969-9668 FEARFUL !Do Not Approach! Rory 48 lbs, Red brindle Scottish TerrierX, M/n Will RUN, Highly Fearful of Men, objects in hands. May approach for a squeaky ball, load into rear hatch of a JK Jeep Last seem crossing Adams @ 34th 6:30 PM 04/05/2018 NOT AGGRESSIVE. Treat as a feral. Loop lead & Lasso. CAT & Dog Friendly BEST To JUST CALL DO NOT APPROACh h

Lost By Dawn

Phone Number:713.969.9668

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