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Date Lost: February 04, 2018

Dog Type: Lab/Boxer looks like a mastiff

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: Black and white

Dog Markings: Not fixed, big will, small white mark on nose

Other Notes and Information: Rowdy got out Feburary 4th after he managed to break a fence post from our yard. He got out in Alpine right off of Arnold way. When he escaped our yard for an adventure he brought along his mom who is slower then Rowdy and a lot easier to catch. Remington has been found but Rowdy is still missing.. Our house isn't right... it's off balance. We need him home. Everyone is upset and we are stopping at nothing to find him... please keep Sharing. Rowdy, 2 years old Mixed breed Lab/Boxer Mix Black and white fur Is a giant puppy, he looks scary, has a loud bark but DOES NOT BITE. He sleeps with a stuffed animal and is my daughter's night time cuddle buddy. Please keep an eye out and bring him back where he belongs...

Lost By Alea

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