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Area: San Diego

Date Lost: December 04, 2017

Dog Type: Husky

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: Black/White

Dog Markings: Extremely Friendly

Other Notes and Information: Moose doesn't have a chip and is not fixed. He just turned a year old. He is an extremely friendly dog, which leads us to fear that he may have been picked up by someone and may not be turned in. We have posted fliers around the area with a cash reward and walked around the area looking for a while, but we are just desperate to get our best friend back. There is a female pit bull who is unfixed in our neighborhood and is constantly out with no leash on, roaming our neighborhood. He got out one other time a few days ago because he was trying to get to her so bad. (Obviously her owners don't care that she roams around frequently.) Luckily we were home when it happened and caught him and patched the hole he had dug. But she must have come back by today and must be in heat as we have lived here for month and Moose has never even been interested in leaving the backyard. Any info you have is welcome and appreciated. Thank you.

Lost By Alex

Phone Number:(702)840-8408

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