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Date Lost: November 17, 2017

Dog Type: Husky

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: Black and white

Dog Markings: Reflective collar

Other Notes and Information: LOST MY DOG Last night our two Huskies Blaze and Jerry got out during the confusion while the Sherriffs were out behind my house searching for a man who was on the loose and had sustained injuries. The Police chopper was instructing everyone to stay inside their homes and not come outside. I’m have my sons new shower getting tiled and asked the tile contractor to keep all the doors closed because of the incident taking place in the wild life preserve behind my home and brought my dogs in for safety. Within ten minutes the Contractor opened the back door and let all four of my dogs out. Two came back, but my huskies seen below were gone. Jerry on the right was found by my neighbor with a broken paw and we never found Blaze. I’m worried sick not knowing what happened to him and since Jerry was found with a broken bone and Blaze never being found it’s even more concerning. Blaze is chipped, and has a reflective ID collar with our information. Anyone who lives in Fallbrook, can you please SHARE my post to help me find my baby.

Lost By Rena

Phone Number:14085681003

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