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Alana Logan

Date Lost: November 01, 2017

Dog Type: Catahoula Leopard dog

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: Brown

Dog Markings: Leopard markings, one blue and one half blue half brown eye

Other Notes and Information: Attn lost dog!! We just moved back from Wisconsin with my dog. Weve only been here since Sunday. Unfortunately my dog isn't able to stay with us at the house we are staying at until we get on our own two feet. She is my husband's emotional support animal and we are her support for her anxiety. She was in my father's care, and she got out from a roommate while he was running errands around 5:00-5:30pm Nov 1. Her missing from location was Kelly st in fire mountain, oceanside behind Cassidy closest to the freeway. She ran towards Hunsaker to go towards california st and disappeared from there. She's absolutely terrified and she does not want anyone to come near her or she might act aggresively from fear. We rescued her from an abusive family so she is hard of trusting people. Please give me a report if you saw her in your yard, the street, backyard or whatever. I'm determined to find her. I'm hoping she won't run on the 78 or the 5 or get hit tonight. Please please please keep us in your thoughts! She is a Catahoula Leopard dog, up to date on rabies. One blue eye one "cracked glass" half blue and brown eye. Curly tail. Up to date on shots and rabies, has tags so you might hear jingling. She is extremely fast. About 45 lbs. Thank you!

Lost By Alana

Phone Number:7608596378

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