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Date Found: March 01, 2020

Dog Type: Pittbull

Dog Gender: Male

Dog Color: Brindle / blue nose / gray

Dog Markings: White patch on chest

Other Notes and Information: My mom was caring for my dog . He’s not good with children or other dogs . I had to give him to my mom in San Marcos because I had a baby and courage had some issues with other dogs and couldn’t be fully trusted with children .im giving the details so readers can fully understand my situation. I went to visit my mom and Courage wasn’t there. My mom says he recently ran away ion March 2020 however , I have had a falling out with my mom because she has been caught in multiple lies regarding Courage so I don’t really know when he went missing or if he’s even alive . I love him so much my heart is broken and my mother won’t give me any answers please help me find my dog I want to find him a good home and know he’s ok .


Phone Number:8189181511

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